UPDATE: Looks like dktapps has found a solution to his problem! Nice work to everyone who pitched in to help out. 🙂

Take this as a lesson for why we should never get upset with a creator, developer, server owner, or YouTuber monetizing their projects in some way. We live in a world where money is a requirement in order to sustain any passionate project and live, and when I read stories like this one I get frustrated by the history of comments I’ve heard from people saying that “No Minecraft creator should ever be making money.”

Dylan, a.k.a. @dktapps, is the lead developer of PocketMine-MP and has committed hundreds of hours and thousands of lines of code to the project, and as of this week it seems he may soon be cutting back, perhaps entirely, from his work on it.

On Twitter, Dylan wrote:

It’s always really unfortunate to hear about someone needing to end their involvement on a project they’ve been so passionate about because of external circumstances, and I wish Dylan the best of luck in getting back on his feet so that he can keep up the good work he’s put his heart into.

PocketMine-MP is one of the more popular and stable options for server owners to use when launching Bedrock/Pocket Edition servers, and has been responsible for bringing thousands of players together online through their Bedrock devices. It has been a tool for teaching young developers how to code, helped community leaders learn to keep players engaged, and given server owners the ability to have a creative outlet.

Luckily for us, the code is open sourced and available for other developers to get involved and keep the project running strong. If you’re interested, you should head to the PocketMine-MP forums and join in the discussions over there, learn about the code, the project’s goals, and the community, and make a pull request on the Github Repo.

If you aren’t a developer but would still like to support the project and help prevent a setback like this from causing any major affect, consider becoming a Patron on the PMMP page and donating or becoming a member of the community there and adding your voice and feedback to the mix. There’s no knowing if donations or other monetization efforts would have helped Dylan with his situation, but it very well might have!

Finally, please be kind when Minecraft creators look to different ways to make a sustainable income from their work (especially when they do it legally). Some of them bring a lot of time and expertise to the table that is invaluable to the health of our community. It would be a shame if they had to quit Minecraft entirely in order to cover their daily expenses some other way when put in a financial bind.