As is customary with Minecraft Snapshots, news about the Village and Pillage update has brought plenty of speculation about additional gameplay features that are yet to be announced.

One of those bits of speculation came in the form of players assuming that Cory was hinting at more new weapons being added to the game after he recently said (on the official blog) that the new Pillager mob might be able to hold other types of weapons.

Sadly, that’s not to be the case, as confirmed on Twitter by Cojomax99.

Not much more to say here folks besides the fact that the Crossbow itself is still an exciting addition to the game, even if other new weapons aren’t going to be added. They still might wield swords and axes, though, which would make battling these guys a fun task. Now, if only I can figure out a nice-looking way to keep my Villager trading hall safe from Crossbow shots, I think I’ll be good to go.

You can, of course, try out the latest snapshot right now! New releases should be coming fairly regularly until the final version of Java 1.14 is made available next year. Just remember: There be bugs!

Source: Cojomax99