Another week, another snapshot release for Minecraft Java 1.14 (not for Bedrock Edition). You can see all of the release notes for this snapshot on the Official Minecraft Blog, but here’s a quick breakdown of our favorite features.

If you’d like to watch a video breakdown of everything from this snapshot, check out Xisumavoid’s review in this video:

The New Blocks

11 more blocks added to the 1.14 update

11 more blocks added to the 1.14 update

What are all of these? Nobody on the outside of Mojang really knows for sure since none of the blocks do anything yet, and in fact some of the devs like Lady_Agnes and Dinnerbone are having fun messing with players to keep them talking about the possibilities. Here’s the list of new blocks shown in the screenshot above:

  • Barrel
  • Smoker
  • Blast Furnace
  • Cartography Table
  • Fletching Table
  • Grindstone
  • Lectern
  • Smithing Table
  • Stonecutter
  • Bell

What we do know right now is that these new blocks is that they’ll have some added functionality similar to the new Loom block added in the previous snapshot. We’ll be joining in on the fun of guessing the functionality later today with another blog post right here, but what do you think these are all about?

As some people have said in the past, one of the appeals of releasing snapshots like this is that Mojang can see the community’s reaction to new features and gauge at least some of what is released next. It seems like you guys had such a positive response to the new Loom block that the devs decided to get these blocks out there for us to play with and theorize over, even if there isn’t any functionality yet.

Player and Armor Stand Loot Tables

This looks like a fun addition that could shake things up for some servers out there. Players, Armor Stands, and the Wither all now have customizable loot tables. It looks like you can even adjust the loot tables for individual players, meaning that on servers heavy in PvP you can adjust the drops for your stronger vs weaker players. Pretty sweet!

We would assume that there will be some additional changes coming to this new loot table functionality, as they have also been introducing concepts like changing the lore and look of dropped items, as well as conditions that are checked before drops are… well… dropped. It will be very cool to see what developers do with this in the future.

Cats, because of course

Cats and Ocelots are now split and have different interactions.

Who doesn’t love having more pets?

Cats and Ocelots have now been split so that Ocelots can no longer be tamed (they can be trusted). This snapshot also shows off 10 (of the expected 11) new Cat variants that are being added to the game.

Tamed Cats also have collars which you can now dye differed colors! Raise your army of red-collard Siamese kittens to stalk Creepers and Phantoms (which are now afraid of Cats and Ocelots), or follow the lead of GoodTimesWithScar and create your own feline-friendly city for them to overwhelm with deafening meows.

In the future, an 11th Cat will be released based on a community member’s own pet. So far it looks like Scar’s friend Jellie is in the lead (and has our vote), but we have yet to see the final result. Stay tuned!

Colored Text On Signs

Here’s a nice small change that should go over pretty well with the more artistic of us: You can now change the color of the text on various signs using dye. Some color + sign type combos don’t quite contrast well enough to be readable (like Spruce Signs and brown text), but others might suit your fancy a little more.

Download Now

Overall, this looks like a solid snapshot, and definitely one of the more talked-about due to those mysterious new blocks. What are you looking forward to seeing the most come in the next updates?

Remember, these snapshot releases are full of bugs, so DON’T start a world with them if you are afraid of crashes or problems. For those of you risk takers who want to try out the new features for yourself, you can download the latest snapshot at the link below (scroll to the bottom of that page). Don’t forget to send Mojang feedback through the official channels!

Download Snapshot 18w44a