One of the biggest reasons why I am passionate about Minecraft is the opportunity it brings for teaching kids life lessons they need to succeed in the world outside of the game.

Today, through the collaborative efforts of and the Minecraft Education team, a new Hour of Code has been released to help teach kids basic programming skills that they can further develop later in life.

The Voyage Aquatic

The Minecraft Voyage Aquatic is an exciting new release from for teachers and parents who want to teach their kids programming in a way that is easy and fun for them to understand. Rather than using programming jargon and actually writing code, students are challenged to use programming blocks that they can drag and drop into their scripts in order to maneuver their character around the screen and interact with different elements in the “game”.

The Voyage Aquatic doesn’t teach kids a programming language, per se, but instead teaches them how to think like a programmer. As a developer for the last decade, I can tell you first-hand that these are the fundamentals that anyone needs to learn before they even start writing their first “Hello, World.” script.

The Minecraft Voyage Aquatic is the fourth MC lesson released to

Take it from an experienced Developer and Instructor

I have personally used with my students (in an after-school program) in the past to really great success! The kids have fun using Minecraft ideas to learn, and they actually learn.

One of my fondest moments this past year is watching as core concepts of programming clicked in the minds of these kids, and knowing that they are understanding the fundamentals that they’ll need in order to tackle more advanced coding projects when they’re older.

Plus, the students are taught by popular YouTubers, which captures their attention and gets them excited about learning the next steps. is completely free for parents and teachers to use with their students, and super easy to set up. You can learn more about and the new Minecraft Voyage Aquatic, as well as the other Minecraft-themed courses offered, at the link below.

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Source: Minecraft Education Blog