Thanks to some very generous donations, at only 3 days into the life of our little community here, SnapshotMC has already blown through the first Donation milestone and unlocked a new feature!

I can’t even thank these people properly because they chose to donate anonymously. 😛

More info will be coming shortly, but you can look forward to the new SnapshotMC Community Forums being launched asap. I may even pull an all-nighter so we can get everything finished up.  Luckily, the foundation has been laid with the recent update to this site adding in User Profiles and Snaps. The rest is coming soon!

Next Feature To Unlock: Better User Profiles

There’s plenty to talk about once the new feature has been rolled out, but for now please leave the donors a BIG “THANK YOU!” in the comments below so they know you appreciate their involvement in the community.

To say the very least: I am PUMPED!

Unlock New Features!