There’s not going to be a Snapshot released for Minecraft Java Edition today, but dinnerbone tweeted out that there was a teaser in store for those of us who have already downloaded and are using the most recent Snapshots.

The time for speculations didn’t last long, though, as observant gamers were soon noticing a change to the background of the launcher in the latest Snapshots. What does it show but none-other than the upcoming changes to Village structures!

If you download the previous Snapshot and load up the game, you can see the new background panorama for yourself. But, if you aren’t at a computer where you can do that right now, and aren’t patient to wait until the next opportunity, here’s a video from xisumavoid giving us a full 360° view and describing some of what he’s noticed:

One thing that he didn’t mention was the Fence Cow pen there at the bottom of the screen, and it makes me wonder if that will be a part of the new Village structures or if some of this is just a look at what players might do with the new Villages. The lamp posts were also changed to Stripped Logs, which means you don’t get easy access to Wool for a Bed, but inside one of the houses there is a tiny corner of wight which might actually be a Bed to resolve the loss of Wool.

Either way, it looks like we might get a chance to see the new Villages in action tomorrow when the next Snapshot drops. Fingers crossed!

Source: @xisumavoid