We didn’t get a Snapshot for Java Edition today, but we did get a Beta Release for Bedrock players!

Minecraft Bedrock Beta for Windows 10, Android, and Xbox One has been updated to and brings just a few new features along with a lot of bug fixes. This is one step closer to the Village and Pillage update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and may put to rest some of the complaints that Bedrock doesn’t get cool updates like Java does. (Yes, those complaints actually do exist)

You’ll need to get access to the Minecraft Beta to download the latest version and test everything out for yourself, but once you are in you should take a look at a few specific notes from the changelog that we think are important:

New Blocks

Pictured here are the Java Edition variants of the new blocks

These new blocks are only available after turning on Experimental Gameplay in the world’s settings, but they are a major feature for the Village and Pillage Update that a lot of people are excited about. While Java has had 11 of these blocks added (shown above), Bedrock Edition only has 9. They are:

  • Cartography Table
  • Fletching Table
  • Grindstone
  • Bell
  • Barrel
  • Smithing Table
  • Smoker
  • Blast Furnace
  • Lantern

Notice anything missing? The Lectern and Stonecutter are not on that list, but it probably comes as no surprise to most of you.

The Stonecutter already existed in Pocket Edition (now Bedrock) all the way back in 2013 via the creative menu, and the Lectern may simply be on the list to come in a later Beta release. Bedrock players likely have little to fear as Microsoft and Mojang work to drive further parity between the different versions of the game, and so the Lectern will likely be coming along, too.


These look very interesting, and could be a useful feature for server owners and map makers. Entities can now have unique Tags added to them which can be utilized with the “has_tag” filter and autocompleting commands. It almost feels a bit like a solution for the lack of NBT data, which can be modified in Java Edition but doesn’t exist in Bedrock, and may allow for data pack creators to modify the characteristics of specific entities and items grouped by Tag.

Imagine, for example, having a Tag of “invulnerable-to-fire” on specific Villagers AND Pillagers, but not all Villagers or Pillagers, which would make those specific entities unable to take fire damage. Or a Player, Cow, and Boat to all have the tag “flying” which would cause them to levitate when they enter a region, but other entities would continue to be affected by physics as normal.

These are just speculative examples, but real examples may end up being even cooler. What are some ways you might use the new Tags feature?

Notable Bug Fixes

There is a whole list of bug fixes that are on the release’s blog post, but here are a few that stand out as amusing or important:

  • More blocks are now able to be suspended by Scaffolding (as shown in this article’s featured image at the top of the page).
  • Command Block commands no longer affect other Dimensions other than the one they are in (doesn’t affect existing Command Blocks)
  • Pandas now panic and stop eating when set on fire. Imagine being so cool you don’t even stop eating when you’re being cooked.
  • A half-dozen crashes were fixed, most relating to different ways a player may pause and resume a game on different devices.
  • Bubble columns are now more consistent and don’t extend through horizontal flowing water or above the surface of the water.

Join The Beta

Remember, these Beta releases are full of bugs, so DON’T start a world with them if you are afraid of crashes or problems. For those of you risk takers who want to try out the new features for yourself, you can download the latest Beta after joining the program at the link below. Don’t forget to send Mojang feedback through the official channels!

Download Beta Now

Source: Minecraft Feedback Blog