Telltale Games may be all but gone, but Minecraft: Story Mode has not yet been forgotten.

Yesterday, the first 3 episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1 were released to Netflix as a kind of “choose your own adventure” interactive game.

This is an adaptation of the game of the same-name released in 2015 and works on most modern Netflix-compatible devices, though Android devices will need to use the official Minecraft: Story Mode app in the Play Store instead of Netflix.

December 5th marks when the final two episodes will be released to the Netflix version of the “game”, but there’s no word on if/when Season 2 might be released. Our guess, by the looks of things at Telltale, is that Season 2 won’t be coming at all.

You can check out Minecraft: Story Mode on Netflix with your iOS phone/tablet, computer, smart TV, and other compatible devices. Just search for “Minecraft” on Netflix.

Source: Engadget