Mojang and Microsoft are planning on bringing more fluidity to their games in the future, and that starts now with the release of the new Minecraft Launcher Beta. Which brings… nothing really at the moment. It is available for PC, Mac, and Linux and allows you to launch the Java Edition of Minecraft just like you always have, with the hope for new features to come in the near future.

Still, if you like to be on the cutting edge of Minecraft updates and see all the new things that are coming before they’re released, the new Minecraft Launcher Beta is the latest bit of software you should install.

Seems… familiar.

The Official Minecraft blog mentions that this version of the Launcher will eventually allow players to switch between the different games from the brand, including Minecraft Dungeons game which was announced at Minecon Earth this year.

You can grab the downloads for the new Minecraft Launcher Beta by clicking the button below. Just remember that this is BETAmeaning there may be bugs present that could effect your gameplay experience in the future. Don’t forget to also keep tabs on the Minecraft Feedback Site and share your thoughts on the Launcher over there so that the developers can improve the experience for all of us.

Download Minecraft Launcher Beta