If you’ve been following along with the changes to Minecraft’s textures over the last few months, today’s news may be bittersweet for you. Minecraft Texture Artist Jasper Boestra (a.k.a. JAPPA), has released a small update to version 3 of the Minecraft default textures today, and says that this is the “last one of the year.”

The changes to Minecraft’s textures that are coming have overall been pretty great, though some of the blocks and items have gone back to the drawing board (or sketch pad) a few times now for cleaning up. These new textures have actually already been popping up in the Snapshot and Beta releases, but it’s nice to be able to download them and take them for a spin in other versions, too.

Today’s release is, as of this writing, only for Minecraft Java Edition, but Bedrock is soon to get the update as well. You can learn more at the link below and get the download, but make sure you send Jasper and the rest of the Minecraft team your feedback through the official channels.

Download MC Textures version 3.3

Source: @JasperBoestra