One of the most popular Minecraft Java mods out there, if not the most popular, is Optfine. The toolset allows players to fine-tune their game’s settings to increase frame-rate, adjust the interface, and of course, install shaders. Today, Optifine receives an update to 1.13.2 HD E5 Ultra that brings a number of bug fixes, some small changes under the hood, and two new settings for chat which will help you clean up the view to your liking.

We’ve got the full changelog posted down below, but let’s take a look at the new chat settings that have been added in this version. You can now set your chat background to full (default), compact, or none, and you can enable or disable the chat text shadows. Here’s a look at the differences between all 6 choices.

Click the thumbnails for a clearer image.

You can adjust the chat settings in the usual spot in your Chat Control Settings after pressing Escape.

1.13.2 HD E5 Ultra Changelog

  • fixed shaders list sorting
  • extended maximum chat width to 1176px (#1959)
  • added options Chat Background and Chat Shadow (#1861, #1379)
  • fixed Better Grass for podzol (#2049)
  • fixed CEM for illusioner and armor stand (#2046, #2057, #2066)
  • fixed mouse wheel scrolling in shaders list (#2078)
  • fixed particles sliding on the ground (#2077)
  • fixed swamp color blending (#2076)
  • fixed particle tick lag (#2022)
  • fixed chunk loading lag spikes (blockRefCount, heightmap)
  • optimized chunk loading (2x faster)
  • renamed mooshroom back mushroom texture to “textures/entity/cow/red_mushroom.png”
  • added CEM model for illusioner, updated models: evoker, evoker_fangs, vindicator
  • fixed CTM method repeat for bottom faces (#1845)
  • fixed shader dimensions on world change (#1844)
  • fixed lag spike on autosave
  • fixed autosave interval (#1995)
  • fixed custom lightmap to recognize conduit power as night vision (#1999)
  • fixed CEM for mule and donkey (#2006)
  • added custom clear color for shader buffers
  • extended Better Snow with 1.13 blocks (#2015)
  • fixed black borders with AF and trilinear mipmaps (#2016)
  • fixed flickering water chunks with AF (#1981)
  • fixed errors on fullscreen Alt+Tab
  • removed shaders programs deferred/composite_last, added deferred/composite_pre
  • reorganized shaders buffer flipping
  • fixed shaders deferred pass breaking water
  • fixed world memory leak
  • fixed texture resizing with mipmaps
  • fixed sun/moon on render distance 2 (#1975)
  • fixed black spot between vertical walls (#1872)

Download Now

Grab the the latest version of Optifine, or any previously released version, at by clicking the link below. You’ll get a jar file that you can double-click to run the installer, and then the next time you launch Minecraft you’ll see the option to use this latest version there.

If you appreciate the work that the Optifine team has done to make your Minecraft experience better, consider sending a few dollars their way on the donation page.

Download Optifine 1.13.2 HD E5 Ultra