You can now get SnapshotMC News and Articles delivered right to your Discord Server with our brand new bot, available today!

After you activate this bot using the link below, we’ll start delivering notifications of each new article published into your Discord Server, allowing you and your community to stay up to date with all the latest stuff happening in Minecraft.

You can even set up a role to be tagged if you or some of your members want to get alerts sent straight to them, while other members can keep those notifications silent.

Setting Up the Bot

Setup is simple:

  1. Click the link below and select your Discord Server from the dropdown to grant the Bot all the access that it needs.
  2. Run the /help command in any channel the Bot has access to post into to see what commands are possible.
  3. Run the /setchannel command in the text channel of your choosing where you want the article links to be posted.

You can optionally run /setrole <@tagged role> if you’d like a specific Role to be mentioned every time a link is published. On the SnapshotMC Discord we have a hidden Role that members can join so that they can select to get the notifications on their own accord.

Once that’s all done, new articles will be posted to your selected Discord Channel within a few minutes of every article being published on the blog.

Authorize the Discord Bot at the button below, and let us know how we can improve it for you in the future!

Get The Bot