Oh, what a wonderful world we live in when we remember that Pandas exist! These fluffy balls of sharp teeth and cute, chubby faces are a reason to smile, and as you may already know, they’re arriving in Minecraft!

But we aren’t here to talk about in-game Pandas today. Instead, we’re looking at their real world counterparts that are native to East Asia and have often been in the headlines for needing protection and help.

This week Mojang announced a new event that let’s us players join in those protection efforts!

Protecting Pandas is an ongoing effort for teams like the World Wildlife Fund because Pandas so often find their homes and food supplies cut short by humans pushing into their ecosystems. The slow birth-rate amongst Pandas doesn’t help matters, and all this means that Pandas had, for a long while, a declining population.

While the declining population isn’t the problem it once was, protection efforts are always needed to continue to prevent endangering the Panda species even more in the future. That’s where organizations like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) come in, and starting this week we have a chance to help support them!

Two Ways To Help

For those of you that like having cute ears in the game.

  1. Every purchase of the new Paws and Claws Cosplay pack in the Minecraft Marketplace will have 62.5% of the money donated by Mojang to the WWF.
  2. Once players plant 10,000,000 Bamboo in the game (Bedrock only), Mojang will donate an additional $100,000 to the WWF!

What are you waiting for? Get on in game and start planting that Bamboo! The faster we get to 10,000,000 Bamboo planted, the faster that money gets delivered to the World Wildlife Fund to help protect Pandas!

If you’d like to join us in the quest with us, this Friday at 11AM Eastern we will be hosting a live stream to try and plant as much Bamboo as possible. Join in when the time comes here.

Source: Minecraft.net

Photo Credit: Pexels