In a word: No.

If you haven’t heard the news, Hypixel, Inc. has announced their newest company, Hypixel Studios, will be launching a new game, Hytale, to be released sometime in the future.

The trailer (below) is bold and exciting. The gameplay looks amazing. The tools baked directly into the game look fresh for all kinds of creators. People are hyped about Hytale, and there is a lot of potential for the game’s future.

I applaud the Hypixel team for this announcement and the hard work they’ve clearly put into the development of the game so far. That they have investors on the level of Riot Games makes the announcement even more impressive.

It’s so impressive, in fact, that I’m willing to bet that some Minecraft Creators out there are worried about what this means for their futures. No one has been talking about this, mind you, but career-Minecrafters are at least paying attention and asking themselves what they’ll do next.

They’d be foolish not to.

In my opinion, though, there really isn’t anything to worry about, and there are definitely no big decisions that should be made just based off of this announcement.

Here are a few reasons why:

Hytale may not see public release for over a year

If you head over to the Hytale FAQ article, you’ll find the following statement about name reservation (emphasis mine):

We understand how important names are to players, so we’re excited to let you know that we’ve developed a name reservation system that will become available at some point within the next few months.

It’s true that this doesn’t give us any firm indication on when Hytale will be released, but it’s a pretty safe bet that the game is not going to be ready for a while. If the name reservation system, which will presumably be released before the Beta, isn’t going to be ready until sometime “within the next few months”, then there’s still a lot of work to do behind the scenes.

That’s no surprise, either, as the Hytale announcement promises a lot for players to enjoy. Which brings me to my next point:

Hytale may be promising too much

We’ve seen this play out before countless times. Hypixel Studios may be confident in their ability to deliver, but here is a list of just a few of the main features they’ve shown off on their website:

  • Adventure / Survival Gameplay
  • Creative Building
  • Procedural World Generation
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Some kind of Quest system
  • “Built for Minigames”
  • In-game scripting
  • In-game modeling
  • In-game modding
  • Community Servers
  • Machinima-style movie making
  • Custom mobs

On top of that, the trailer shows what many are calling “Minecraft 2.0”, with really clean looking mining, farming, and exploration mechanics.

That’s a lot to bite off for any team, let alone what is essentially an Indie Game Studio (even if they have funding from Riot Games).

Many people are saying that Hypixel Studios is doing everything that Mojang never has been able to, but we should hold off on burying Minecraft just yet. There are reasons that we may not know about for why certain decisions at Mojang have been made, and Hytale may run into some of those same decisions at some point, if they haven’t already.

I can’t help but be reminded of No Man’s Sky when I watch the trailer and hear the hype. It’s great to be excited, but we are far from seeing the final product. Before you start preparing to launch your new YouTube Channel or Hytale Server, wait and see what the release actually looks like.

The game may be too good for low-spec computers

Hytale looks stunning. Point blank. The animations look great. The features sound incredible. The mobs look terrifying. The world gen looks gorgeous.

And that could be a bit of a problem.

Minecraft, for all of its simple design elements, works on a wide range of devices, but still struggles on some lower end computers.

You know, the type of computers that parents buy their kids who make up a majority of the Minecraft playerbase.

If Hytale isn’t able to be run well on low-end devices out of the gate, or on mobile devices at all, it could take a while for a large population of gamers to move into playing the game. If you have a lot of younger kids who watch your YouTube channel or play on your server, you may want to wait and make decisions after you see if your target demographic of players/subscribers are even in Hytale. It could very well be that none of your target players get Hytale, so there would be no need for you to worry in the short-to-long term.

The squeakiest wheels….

Some of the people I have seen who are most vocal about moving to Hytale are members of the Minecraft PvP community. They combine their excitement for Hytale with hate for Minecraft and have been tweeting a lot about how Hytale looks superior in every way to the second most popular video game in history.

Perhaps I’ll get some hate for saying this, but I look forward to them making the move over.

For one thing, within this group are some people who are the most toxic and divisive in the Minecraft community. They speak loudly and harshly to employees at Mojang as if they speak for all MC gamers, they complain about nearly any decision that is made (especially if it has nothing to do with combat and ESPECIALLY if it has something to do with combat), and drama seems to swirl as they turn petty disagreements into massive public nightmares for their communities.

Hypixel, in teaming up with Riot Games, may end up putting an emphasis on PvP, and as a result they’ll get to feel the toxic burn that comes from already jaded Minecraft players who have high expectations for PvP in Hytale.

This is not me at all saying I want Hytale to feel burned. I am simply making an observation that if Hytale attracts the very vocal PvP community to their playerbase, and feels pressure from above and below to emphasize PvP and minigames, then Creative, Adventure, and Survival Minecraft servers may have little-to-nothing to worry about.

It could even end up being a positive thing, as some of those more trolly gamers make the move out of our communities.

And who knows? Maybe Hytale will be a dream come true for those players and everyone ends up happy. That’ll be a great thing to see.

Competition is Good!

Having similar games that are competing, in the end, means all of us gamers win. Just Hytale existing and getting the hype that it has will push Mojang to make decisions relating to Minecraft that directly compete with the biggest hype around Hytale.

Whether that’s advertising, game changes, more community/creator involvement with official channels, spin-offs of the brand, increased flexibility for creators, or something else entirely, Minecraft won’t go down without a long-lasting fight.

Video games are constantly evolving as the communities they target evolve. If Microsoft sees people moving to Hytale for certain reasons, then they may push some decisions about future updates to be made. Perhaps we’ll see more and bigger updates to the game as we get closer to Hytale’s release.

No matter what, though, Microsoft isn’t just going to stand by and let Minecraft get a reputation of being “dead” after investing billions of dollars into it.

Server Owners and YouTubers who stick with Minecraft may see more opportunities to create great content that helps their bottom line immensely.

The gap may not be that wide

Finally, and this may be the biggest point to make, people may not leave one game for the other en masse at all.

We simply don’t know enough about Hytale yet to be able to make the guess on whether or not the two game’s communities will be mutually exclusive. Hypixel has said that they will continue running the Hypixel Minecraft Server for the foreseeable future, which means that even they predict that there’s still business to be conducted in Minecraft after Hytale is released.

Sure, some people will always leave any favorite video game to try a new one out, but there won’t be an exodus of players from Minecraft to Hytale like some people are expecting. The two may find themselves in complementary niches that compete in less apparent ways than we can currently tell, especially if Hytale can focus on PvP while Minecraft focuses on collaborative creativity and adventure/survival gameplay.


It’s too early for Pro Minecrafters to make career-changing decisions. It’s too early to claim Hytale will solve all of the problems that Minecrafters complain about. It’s too early to know what types of players will be drawn to Hytale. It’s too early to be worried that all your hard work in Minecraft is going to go to waste.

It’s just too early for anything other than watching the announcements, enjoying the hype, and waiting to see what opportunities make themselves available later on.

These are exciting times for all of us, and we shouldn’t make assumptions that Hytale or Minecraft will die in the near future just based off of a trailer announcement and a few screenshots on a website. Any hate for Minecraft or over-zealous expectations for Hytale are misplaced.

Don’t worry about anything, but prepare to evolve as times change.

You can be sure of one thing, though: I’ll be sticking around here in Minecraft for a long time to come. I ain’t goin’ anywhere, and I stand by my statement that, “”Minecraft is dying”, is dying”. Especially now that Hytale has been officially announced.

There are a lot of positive things that could come out of all of this for everyone involved, and I look forward to seeing the story unfold.

If you’re a YouTuber, don’t try and change all your gameplay videos from Minecraft to Hytale on a dime or you might lose some of your audience. If you’re a Server Owner, don’t think about shutting your project down out of fear that your players will leave, or you might miss some new opportunities for growth. If you’re a developer, don’t quit building your skills in Minecraft just because of promises of “better” developer tools in Hytale, or you may find yourself stuck in an inflexible ecosystem.

Just wait and see what happens. I’m sure it won’t be too much longer before we start learning more about what’s coming.