In a move that should come as little surprise to anyone, Microsoft has finalized the decision they made earlier in the year to no longer provide Minecraft updates for the Xbox 360, WiiU, Vita, and Playstation 3 legacy consoles.

While the latest update, which added Pandas and new Cats, did arrive on the consoles just before all the Minecraft teams went on Holiday vacation, future updates to the game will not be coming for players with those consoles.

Players will need to look to other versions of the game, like Bedrock or Java, to get future updates, though there’s still plenty of life left on their consoles if they aren’t worried about getting updates.

A new era has dawned on Minecraft as we move into 2019, with the Village and Pillage update, Hytale release, new Scripting API, and more coming in (likely) the first half of the year. Now that they will no longer be updating those legacy consoles, we can expect some team members to have a bit more time on their hands to direct to other projects.

No word on if the news will affect 4J’s work on other versions of the game.

Source: Ars Technica

Photo credit: 4J Studios