Xbox Minecraft players rejoice: You can now set up automatic recurring payments for your multiplayer Realms so that you never have to remember to pay for the service again.

According to a tweet from Minecraft Realms Product Owner, Fredrik Telenius (@_b4njo), not only are recurring subscriptions now available, but the 30 free trial for Realms has also been reset. Meaning that if you’ve tried Realms once before and used the 30 day trial, you can try it again today and see if it’s something you and your friends enjoy.

UPDATE: @_b4njo has confirmed that this update is not available for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

To check it out for yourself, launch the game on your console and look for the multiplayer Realms option. You should see the ability to set up automatic monthly payments right in there, and then invite your friends to game alongside you.

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Source: @_b4njo