Here’s some news that wasn’t expected: Minecraft the movie’s release date has just been announced by Mojang and will be coming on March 4th, 2022.

Now, that’s a long way out. Just under 3 years to be exact, but hearing that it’s in production has us both excited and curious about seeing this come to the big screen. Excited because the idea of bringing Minecraft to life in a live-action movie is incredibly cool. Curious because 3 years is a loooong time to wait for a movie to arrive, and movies are known to be stuck in production beyond early estimates.

As the official Minecraft blog shares, the movie’s plot seems pretty straight forward (though changed a bit from the previous details that had been mentioned):

“… we’ll tell you the story of a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers. After the malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction, they must save their beautiful, blocky Overworld.”

Obviously, the movie is going to need to be family friendly because of the game’s popularity amongst kids. But does that mean it will be a Young Adult, coming-of-age film set in the real world with a character who gets “sucked into” the game somehow (or the game enters the real world)? Or will we see a more fantastical setting in the Overworld itself with many majestic and terrifying creatures wandering about as we explore the realm?

The possibilities are endless (though not End-less…. bad jokes, I know)!

Peter Sollett, known for Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Freeheld, is taking the Director’s chair in the movie, with Warner Bros. helping the production. Warner Bros. has been making movies since the early 1900’s, with titles like Neverending Story and Inception as high quality films we all probably know.

Even with the great names behind the film, though, producing live-action movies for video games is a tough endeavor. Super Mario Bros.Silent Hill, and Assassin’s Creed have their fans, but overall were panned by critics and viewers who were expecting something a little more fulfilling. Will the Minecraft movie do better amongst reviewers? We’ll hold onto hope while we wait for more details.

“In summary: the movie has a date. It has a director. It has an official storyline, and we’re NOT AT ALL COUNTING THE DAYS TO THIS MONUMENTAL EVENT. 1053, 1052, 1051…”

As it is, even though the date of release has been announced today, there’s no denying that the Minecraft movie has already seen some delays after Director and script changes happened, and more delays are not out of the question.

For now, though, we’ll stay excited and curious about what is announced in the future. Between all of the Bedrock and Java updates, Minecraft Dungeons coming up, and now the Minecraft movie getting a release date, we can say without a doubt that our favorite game is gonna be sticking around for years to come.