Minecraft 1.14’s Java Edition final release might be coming next Tuesday (April 23rd). GET HYPPPPEDDDD!!!

After dozens of snapshots and a handful of pre-releases (the latest being Pre-Release 4‘s plethora of bug fixes and performance improvements), Dinnerbone dropped some news today on Twitter that the full official release could be here a lot sooner than expected.

This is definitely a very cool and unexpected turn of events, as we thought that 1.14 was still a few Pre-Releases away from being unveiled in all of its glory. Of course, there may still be some bug fixes and what-not that are pushed through, but according to this news we can finally conclude that all Village and Pillage features are in their final form and we’ll get to start work on updating our multiplayer servers in the near future.

Speaking of servers, when will Spigot and Forge based servers get the 1.14 update? While it won’t be too much longer to wait on those, it will take a bit of time after the official release of 1.14 before server software is fully compatible. We’ll keep you posted here as soon as Spigot, Forge, Sponge, and other derivatives are updated so that you can try out all of the newest features with your players.

Download The Pre-Release

Source: @dinnerbone