Ever since it was first announced in 2017, people have been clamoring for news about Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack, which (without getting too technical) essentially acts like high quality shaders for the Bedrock Edition of the game.

That update has been delayed for the last two years, though, and with good reason: Mojang needs to completely rewrite the graphics engine before SDGP is able to be implemented.

On April 5th, 2019, Helen Zbihlyj and Kasia Swica joined the Mixer Green Show and discussed a lot of different topics about the game, but of most interest to us was a little name they dropped for this new Graphics Engine.

“The Render Dragon.”

Start at 44:15 for the name reveal.

Ahh, the puns. Some love them and some hate them. We all facepalm over them. πŸ˜€

Knowing that The Render Dragon is in full swing with development to the point that they’re sharing the name is good news. With all of the updates happening to both Java and Bedrock Editions of the game, there’s a LOT to be interested in for the future of the game. Hopefully The Render Dragon arrives soon! Maybe it’ll drop with Bedrock 1.13 or 1.14? One can only hope.

No word yet on if Bedrock itself will be renamed as “The Render Dragon”, or if that will just be the name for the behind-the-scenes graphics engine while the public sticks with “Bedrock”. Hopefully that’s the case, because it’s already hard enough as it is just getting people to stop thinking that Pocket Edition and Bedrock are two different versions of the game.

UPDATE: Aubrey Norris has confirmed that “The Render Dragon” is notΒ replacing the name “Bedrock”, but is the Bedrock graphics engine. See her tweet:

Source: David @ Minecraft