As we count down the hours to the official drop of Minecraft Java Village and Pillage Update (version 1.14 – hopefully landing today), we are greeted with some other very welcome news for Minecraft Server Owners:

Bukkit-based server jars (Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot, and proxy software BungeeCord) now have 1.14 Pre-Release 5 versions available for downloading and compiling via the BuildTools.

As the Spigot Administrator, md_5, says clearly, these newest builds are for DEVELOPMENT ONLY and should not be used on production servers. However, plugin developers and server owners can now get their hands on the software and start testing out the new features, reporting bugs, and updating their projects to be compatible with 1.14.

“The software released today is the product of several months work. Although the API changes are small compared to 1.13, this is not a small release. In fact it is almost as large as 1.13. Accordingly the software has no doubt inherited many bugs from Vanilla and a few of its own, meaning it is not ready for use on a production server.” -md_5

Spigot 1.14 API Updates

Also worth noting are the API changes which have been detailed in the announcement post. They’re short, so we’ll go ahead and quote them here, but remember that with this being a development build, these changes may still be adjusted in the future.

  • Entity typing has been brought closer to Vanilla. In particular this means that the class of ARROW is now TippedArrow, whilst the class of SPLASH_POTION is now ThrownPotion. Dummy entities such as WEATHER, COMPLEX_PART and TIPPED_ARROW have been removed, meaning EntityType now implements Keyed.
  • The new Registry class supports unified access to many Keyed types.
  • Villagers and associated events have had minor breaking changes to fit with Vanilla changes.
  • The TravelAgent has been removed as it was too difficult to maintain due to internal changes. It may be added back in the future, but only if it can be implemented in a sustainable manner.
  • Events are now strictly sync or async. A sync event may only be fired from the main server thread, whilst an async event may only be fired from another server thread. Previously only the latter was true.

Other notes relating to specific features, libraries, and more are all detailed at the link below. Click through for a read if you’re interested.

Other Forks/Derivatives

Other derivatives and forks of Bukkit/Spigot have still not released any development versions, but we’re expecting Paper, TacoSpigot, Waterfall, and others to follow in short order now that the Bukkit/Bungee base has reached this point. We may still be weeks away from an official release of Spigot 1.14 release, but with the final official Minecraft 1.14 version expected to release tomorrow, we can definitely start setting the plans into motion to update our servers soon.

You can download the latest version of BuildTools and get more information about this development release of 1.14-pre5 for Minecraft Servers at the link below. Just please, please, please… don’t use this on a production server yet.

Get the Spigot 1.14-pre5 Dev Build

Source: @GiansCode