For those of you wondering how to get MCEdit to work in your Minecraft 1.13 worlds (or above), it may come as a sad note that MCEdit and MCEdit-Unified are not expected to be updated for the latest versions of the game. MCEdit has not been updated since 2016, while MCEdit-Unified’s team has shifted focus entirely off of updating that project. The game changed far too much to make a simple update worthwhile.

Instead, MCEdit-Unified’s team has taken on a new task: Building an entirely new toolset from the ground up called Amulet Editor, and it hopes “to be one of the first external editors to support this new world format.”

To be clear, Amulet Editor is not yet released, and there’s still no timeline on when to expect it to arrive, but we do know that it is coming. Not only have replied from their Twitter account said that development is still active, but the Github Repo has shown commits as recently as yesterday. There is much to be hopeful for.

So, what can we expect from Amulet Editor once it’s released? From the website’s description, we can expect it to support multiple versions of the game, including Java 1.13 and Bedrock. The documentation site also shows some initial notes on the API, NBT editing, and more, which is all good to take note of.  We also know that Amulet Editor will convert world data into the Amulet Format, which allows for more consistent editing of the world with fewer problems to deal with.

Amulet Editor is also sponsored by Pathway Studios, a well-known Minecraft Marketplace content creator. Pathway Studios has been shouted out by the Official Minecraft Team in the past for their creations, and have very popular maps on sale in the Marketplace, so we can rest-assured knowing that Amulet Editor has the backing of big names who want to see the project come to life.

While we wait for Amulet Editor to arrive, you can sign-up to be notified of release information, or even look over the project’s source code, on their website by clicking the button below. Of course, you can also stay tuned for future announcements to be posted here to this site, but you probably knew that already. 😉

Check Out Amulet Editor