Want to work on Minecraft and don’t mind moving to Stockholm, Sweden to take a new job?

UPDATE: Actually, it looks like there are THREE new jobs that have just been posted for working at Mojang. The future is looking bright for three lucky people!

There’s a significant new job opportunity at Mojang to become the Technical Lead for the Launcher Team, and with that Launcher getting more and more attention over the last 6 months, the job could really be perfect for someone who is passionate about helping lead the game into a new future.

Here’s Mojang’s own description of the position:

You’ll be joining a growing team at Mojang, the Launcher team. Our Launcher is currently the starting point for playing our games on PC, but we envision a future when it can be much more. As the Technical Lead of this team, it’s your job to together with the team to make this happen. You will define the technical direction the team will use to achieve the goals of the Launcher, from both a franchise and a team perspective. You will collaborate and communicate with other teams and interested parties from a technical perspective, and you will ensure that your team’s progress is understood by dependent parties (along with the team’s producer).

To be completely honest, that sounds like an incredible team to be a part of, and with what we know about how Mojang is working to bring Java and Bedrock more in line with each other, compatibility on more devices and operating systems, not to mention Minecraft: Dungeons being released, the launcher team could have a lot of influence on how accessible the game is to millions of people around the world.

That’s exciting and could mean a lot more news is soon to be on the way! Take note, though, that they’re looking for someone with some experience in leading development projects.

If you’d like to apply for the job, click the button below to view the Workable job posting with more details about the position. Best of luck to you in your endeavors! And remember; if you end up getting the job, be sure to let us know here so we can celebrate with you. 🙂

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Source: @Marc_IRL