Picture this: You’ve updated your worlds to 1.14 / 1.11 and are all ready to try out the new Village & Pillage goodness. You stroll into your Villager trading hall that has your highly treasured Mending Book Villager, and you head over to their ornate throne (“cage” is such a sad term) to grab another book before heading out on your next adventure.

You right click to start the trade, and the Villager shakes its head at you.


Before you pull out your sword to strike down this disrespectful barb in your side, take a step back, catch your breath, and let’s talk about the new Villager trading mechanics.

Your Villagers Aren’t Broken, They Just Need A Job

New Villager Job Site Blocks

While we already covered the new professions system in the latest update, that was a bit of a long article and some of you may have missed the point we made about Villager Jobs. Yes, Villagers have had their same assigned jobs of Librarians, Blacksmiths, Fletchers, and more since as long as we can all remember, but there’s a little bit more depth to those professions in the newest version of Minecraft.

Namely: Villager professions are determined based on job sites that are located nearby. When a Villager spawns in (as an adult) or becomes an adult, they will look for nearby unclaimed job site blocks, like the Cartography Table, Lectern, Loom, and others, to determine what their profession will be. Nitwits and Baby Villagers can not be given a profession.

Similarly, novice Villagers who have not leveled up their trades (by you trading with them) can switch to a new job if you break their existing job site block and place a different one down. Villagers that you bring over from older versions of the game, like the Librarian we mentioned in the opening story, may similarly be jobless until you place down one of these new job site blocks.

To put it simply; to start trading with a Villager, place down a job site block. This will give your unemployed Villagers a job to work with, or change existing novice Villagers over to a new profession.

Joker Collision on Twitter actually summed this up quite nicely with a small image.

As you can see, each Villager profession is directly associated with one of the new job site blocks in that list. Lecterns create Librarians, Smokers create Butchers, and so on.

A Note Of Caution

There is one thing that you should definitely keep in mind before dropping a bunch of job site blocks down in your Village or trading hall. Villagers that you upgrade from previous versions have a chance of converting into novice Villagers, even while they keep their original trades.

That Mending Book Villager you had kept in safety and solitude? If you drop a Blast Furnace next to it, the Villager could convert to become an Armorer, and that Mending Book trade will be forever gone.

We’ve already gone into some notes about how to prepare your Villagers for the new job site and trading mechanics in a previous article, so check that out for more information before you lose all your favorite trades and get mad at us.