Augmented reality has been pushing itself into the mainstream ever since 2016 with the official release of Pokémon Go — which was the first major success of the genre.

Many believed that the technology harbored possibility for a new form of gaming entertainment and business potential, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when Microsoft popped onto their twitter with a teaser that implied that an AR Minecraft mobile game might be in the works.

(Editor’s Note: Augmented Reality differs from Virtual Reality in that it uses your device’s camera to display video game entities in the real world. Virtual Reality often requires goggles and transports you to an entirely different world, rather than augmenting the real one around you digitally.)

There’s a lack of information on what the company is planning to do. However, we will get an announcement on the official Minecraft website at May 17, which is the same day as Minecraft’s 10th Anniversary, so we will keep an eye out on that date for any future details. This does give us enough time to speculate on what this product would entail before the deadline.

Microsoft is a massive technological company that branches into different forms of entertainment and research. We can predict that the team working on this project might have more backing on a financial level. There are already doubts to whether the game will harbor the same forms of gameplay with Minecraft; based on the fact one could use a hotbar in the teaser, it might be a walk-around-and-survive type of deal.

We really can’t formulate a solid conclusion with the fifty-four seconds we’ve gotten from the teaser, but this does give us a few ideas on what we should expect from the Microsoft and Minecraft teams. It does bring a few questions to the table.

Is it really an AR Minecraft experience? Will this become another major step in pushing the limits of what the technology could do? What if we’re looking at this the wrong way and this teaser is more of the marketing crew stretching their creative muscles? Sound off in the comments.