When 1.14 was released, it was widely assumed that there would be a 1.14.1 bug fix version coming out very shortly after. The issues have been heavily discussed by many people on the Minecraft subreddit, the Feedback Site, and even across popular Minecraft YouTube channels, to the point that some people have decided that upgrading to 1.14 was just not worth it at the time.

From lighting glitches, game crashes, massive lag, and chunk rendering problems, 1.14 seemed to be plagued with problems that were not just making the game slightly less enjoyable, but downright unplayable in some situations. It’s a major bummer to be working on a large build only for the game to crash and worlds to become corrupted.

The issues were not isolated to single player, either, which has been no surprise. Spigot and CraftBukkit are still only in the development phase with 1.14 releases, so they not only had to deal with the same issues as single player worlds, but had their own hurdles to overcome. Just today, we encountered a nasty bug where a bunch of chunks were not saved and reverted back player builds to the original naturally generated world. A backup fixed the issue, but that didn’t make the frustration go away.

To make the issues even worse, 1.14 is possibly one of the most exciting updates to the game in years, and a lot of people, us included, really love the new features. Getting excited only to have to deal with issues can really dampen the momentum.

All of that is soon to change.

This week, Minecraft Java 1.14.1 Pre-Release 1 was sent out for testing, and it looks like the answer to all of our prayers. With no new game features being added in this Pre-Release, it’s clear that Mojang is focusing entirely on fixing bugs, and it shows.

Here are a few notable bug fixes in 1.14.1 Pre-Release 1:

  • MC-128441 – /tp uses context dimension rather than destination entity’s dimension
    • With this bug, if a player in the Overworld teleports to a player in the Nether or End, their coordinates would change but they would not change to the other dimension.
  • MC-145744 – Villager AI (POI detection) pegs CPU at 100%, causes lag in 19w13a
    • Lag is always a struggle for server owners, and this was a nasty cause of it.
  • MC-148454 – Villager trade GUI shows incorrect price when a discount is applied on servers
    • This could be frustrating for players, who would take it out on the server owners rather than realizing it was a bug in the game.
  • MC-148580 – Server lighting still broken in 1.14 pre-4
    • Thank goodness for this fix! Lighting errors have been plentiful and make otherwise beautiful builds look unsavory.
  • MC-148830 – Game crashed while loading chunks
    • Chunk loading and rendering overall has been very slow and inconsistent in 1.14, so it’ll be great to have this back to normal.
  • MC-149178 – Chunk rendering is extremely slow and random in 1.14
    • This has possibly been the most noticeable bug that’s been around since the early days of 1.14 snapshots (shown in the top image). Let’s finally put this issue behind us.
  • MC-149278 – Wolf AI can cause extremely severe lag spikes when in combat with a distant mob
    • Another strange cause of lag which occurred sporadically that will be wonderful to see optimized. Especially on servers where players want to raise wolf armies.

These points, along with the other bug fixes listed in the changelog, are setting 1.14.1 up to be a promising bit of relief for many of us. There are definitely still bugs to be fixed, though, and it seems as though some of the issues marked as “Fixed” in this Pre-Release are still causing some minor problems. Expect to see at least one (possibly two) more Pre-Release coming out in the next couple of weeks before the final version arrives.

Download Minecraft Java 1.14.1 Pre-Release 1 Now

If you’re one of the daring types who always wants to upgrade to the latest versions of the game, then you can get Pre-Release 1 right now in the game’s launcher, or download it using the button below. Keep in mind that this version is still in development, and while it has been given the “Pre-Release” tag, that doesn’t mean your worlds or servers are safe. Make plenty of backups and be prepared for problems.

Of course, if you’ve been using 1.14 already, then you should be used to bugs by now. Go ahead and download the newest version and let us know what you think in the comments below! Don’t forget to report any bugs you run into on Mojang’s bug tracker, or send the team your ideas for future updates on the Official Minecraft Feedback Site. As we can see by this update, every tip sent to Mojang can help make the game better for all of us.

Download 1.14.1 Pre-Release 1