The Minecraft community is known for surprising itself with what it can do, and earlier today it did just that with a post on Twitter, showing off an extravagant entrance that is similar to Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley.

The scene we’ve just witnessed was crafted by a Minecraft community member going by the name of McMakistein — also going by MrMakistein on other social platforms. He’s known for tinkering with command blocks in his Youtube channel, being an established developer of an upcoming indie game called Ocomoy, and producing command block maps for the public. And before you say anything else: yes, these downloads are free.

What’s really mindboggling about this post — and every single project he has done in the past — is the amount of effort put into making them. They look simplistic in execution and movement, but it took tremendous tinkering, alongside trial-and-error, to get it to its final product. In the video, you can see McMakistein explain his process. With the creation of unique block models, animations (which are mostly textures for each “frame” to make an illusion of it moving), and timers, he was able to bring the stone wall to life.

It’s pleasing to note that the Minecraft community harbors a menagerie of talented people in its player base. Gamemodes, redstone maps, MMORPGs, emulations, roleplays, etcetera; nothing can escape the realm of possibility with how much has been created and done on this medium. Imagination is the only limit to what can be created in this expansive sandbox, and MrMakistein is an example of a player who works hard to make the magic happen.

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Source: @MrMakistein