Did you hear the news?

Minecraft will be celebrating its tenth anniversary on May 17th. Mojang is already preparing for this with a new map for the public, a Minecraft sale (including up to 50% off the games), and a growing discussion over nostalgia for the blocky videogame.

In particular, Tom Stone has written an article on the official website over an event called #MinecraftMemories, encouraging the community to talk about memorable events that they’ve experienced while playing the game.

“Once we’ve gathered enough of your #MinecraftMemories,” says Stone, “we’ll…write a follow-up article featuring our favorite ones!”

Referring to their @Minecraft Twitter account and the hashtag, Stone emboldened players to write comments and stories about their interactions with the Minecraft world.

Many of its discussions range from Mojang staff’s recollections of creating the game to players of all ages describing their moments of triumph from a wide array of topics — such as pvping others, building magnificent monuments, etcetera. There’s still enough time before the fan article is made, but it gave the staff of SnapshotMC a great idea.

Your Invitation To Join Us:

We want to invite the community to comment on their own Minecraft experiences and send it to us so we can make a massive compilation for Mojang. It can be anything from owning a server, meeting a loved one, or mining after a long day. We’ll allow people to comment on this article page and the SnapshotMC Discord, so anybody can get involved. Let’s celebrate the anniversary with some good ole’ nostalgia.

So share your #MinecraftMemories as stories and screenshots, and over the next few days we’ll put them all together in one big celebratory article PLUS send them over to Mojang to check out!