The Minecraft team aren’t afraid to start handing out gifts to the community regarding their 10 Year Anniversary on May 17, 2019. It’s finally here — and we couldn’t celebrate without mentioning the 10th Anniversary Map (created by Blockworks).

Blockworks is a team of about sixty talented people who love to use Minecraft as their form of medium for building, language, and just overall interaction with the audience. It wasn’t a surprise that they were chosen to complete this task of making the map, because they were able to fit in a buttload of content for the Minecraft community to enjoy.

The layout of the entire area harbors numerous spots of interest. The beginning railroad trip gives you a tour throughout the updates of the game ever since its official conception, and then it releases your hand, giving you a chance to explore and interact with the environment to your heart’s content.

You won’t get bored over how much detail has been placed into its entirety. There’s a building that has colored texts for each unique block in the game, a school that details the functions of Minecraft: Education Edition, and parkour courses in the midst of it all. These are only a few things you can explore, there are a plethora of other activities that aren’t being told in-detail just because we want the community to find out for themselves!

If you are curious about the map, watch the video below of a quick tour of some notable spots. Then click the button for the download which is available for Java, Bedrock, and Java Realms so no one is getting left behind with this deal!

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