With Minecraft Earth being announced as the newest game coming soon to the brand, there was a question about if people would confuse it with the annual MINECON Earth live streams. Well, have no fear, gamer, MINECON Earth has a brand new name to go along with its just-announced event date.

MINECON Earth will now be known as MINECON Live, and the next live streaming event will happen on September 28th, 2019. 

For all of you out there who were hoping that MINECON would go back to being in-real-life events in the future, sadly it looks like that is not the case. But there are still plenty of other Minecraft events created and hosted by the community that you can still join, like Minefair in the US and MineVention in the UK.

Check out the fun announcement trailer for MINECON Live 2019 below and get yourselves ready. The next event could be the one where they announce the update you’ve been hoping for over the last 10 years!

Source: @The_T_Pearson