Microsoft has just announced a brand new game coming to the Minecraft gaming family. Minecraft Earth is an Augmented Reality mobile game that joins Minecraft, Minecraft Java Edition, Minecraft Dungeons, and other titles in the blocky lineup.

There’s not much information to be had about the game yet, outside of a tweet, video, and a website where you can sign-up to learn more info about when the game will be released. We’ll keep you posted here for all of the announcements as they come!

UPDATE: It looks like WindowsCentral was able to get some insider-information about the game already, and have written a short piece about what they’ve learned Minecraft Earth, previously known as Project Genoa, has in store for us. It sounds ambitious and exciting!

You can punch trees and dig up dirt, mine the roads for cobblestone, and using Open Maps, some of the concept art showed how you’d be able to fish in real rivers and lakes in augmented reality. You’ll even be able to breed mobs, build Redstone contraptions, and basically do anything you can do in Minecraft today.

It also sounds like the game will be in closed beta testing as early as this Summer in the US, so get ready for some real-world crafting! How many of you are going to redecorate your homes to prep for fancier AR builds? 😀

Visit The Minecraft Earth Website