MINECON Live will be coming back on September 28, and with this piece of news comes a new opportunity for established and up-coming content creators. On May 21, 2019, the @Minecraft Twitter announced that community panels will be returning as another portion of the live stream, giving many the ability to submit ideas or concepts of different panels they could do at MINECON’s live streaming location.

The official link to the MINECON Live panel submission form gives a better description of what they expect, open to a variety of topics such as the creation of animations, mod/plug-in development, and even the use of Minecraft on an educational level.

Submitters are allowed to pitch their ideas in a sixty-seconds-or-less video forwarded to the Minecraft team using the format. They also encourage the submission ideas to be informative, interesting, or beneficial to the Minecraft community, giving opportunities for many who want to get involved and show off what they know.

“Selected panelists will travel to the MINECON Live broadcast a few days before the broadcast to film their panels, and you’ll get to stick around and attend the MINECON Live broadcast filming too!” -Official site.

Not only will the panel be submitted and shown on the live stream, but it’ll also be uploaded on the official Minecraft YouTube account (whether it’ll be part of the stream or a separate video altogether, we don’t know).

Submissions will be accepted until the due date of June 28, 2019, so to the content creators who are only hearing about this now, you have time!

Submit Your Panel Idea

Source: @Minecraft