Over the years, the Bedrock team has noticed a problem in the Bedrock content community: They have stated in the past that they (and many other players) have edited numerous lines of JSON — a programming language — just for the Minecraft particles alone. This has always been a long and tedious task, but this month a developer from the community has allowed them to rest easy on that aspect.

JannisX11, a German 3D modeler, is that developer.

He’s not affiliated with Mojang on a staff-level, but his open source projects are very well-known within the Bedrock community. He currently mans the 3D Model Editor, Blockbench, which we’ve talked about before, and has gained notoriety for his constant updates and availability.

On May 10, 2019, he posted an official announcement on a new project he was working on called Snowstorm, a particle editor for Bedrock. Being a particle editor, it allows developers to edit textures and animations without endless tinkering of its source, creating a more viable way for creative uses. It’s currently available on Jannis’s Github, and will continue to be updated.

Even Mojang is taking notice of the new software. On the same day, Tommaso Checchi, a member of the Bedrock team, gave a shout out to Snowstorm in a tweet. Not only could this make things easier for the Bedrock dev team if they choose to use it, but it’s available for any content creator wanting to use it for maps, servers, and so forth. It’s still at its beginning stages, but we are curious about how effective the addon will be.

Are you interested in giving Snowstorm a try? Use it for free in the browser by clicking the button below.

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Source: @JannisX11