“Nightmare fuel” is a specific phrase for what we’re going to talk about here. It’s not stepping into the boundaries of cosmic horror or existential pain, but it leads one to question, “Why?”. Why would this timeline allow such majestic and discomforting images into my brain?


The person in the screenshot who is about to be pummeled by these monstrosities is the creator for their existence. Phoenix SC is a content creator on Youtube, and he’s known for content that covers reports on the current news in the community and wacky utilization of the game — having a good balance of the serious and questionable.

It’s a good combination of entertainment, leading to notable videos such as “Minecraft Item Frame in an Item Frame in an Item Frame in an Item Frame in an Item Frame…”.

In his newest video, Realistic Ghasts in Minecraft, he showcases a voxelized Ghast mob he created with Cubik Studio. Being inspired by a realistic portrayal of the mob he decided to take some time out of his day to create a voxelized version of the art using an obj file by IG0516. This led to a mortifying (and pretty laggy in close range) beast that won’t hesitate to hurt you in your dreams.

Joking aside, the model is pretty impressive; it has appendages jutting out of its spine, glaring red eyes, and detailed tentacles on its sides. It must have taken a while for him to make it functional with the way it was created, even with the help of IG0516. These types of content — like any other piece of content regarding the game — need time to be created, edited, tested, and published, so we respect the dedication towards making a mob of the Nether look more terrifying than it should be.

If you want to download the model and texture pack of the mob for future purposes, then click the button below! (Disclaimer: This is Phoenix SC’s MediaFire link that he published.)

Download Realistic Ghasts from Phoenix SC