The Minecraft community is brimming with imaginative content day by day; there’s always something new to discover with content creators regarding the game’s sandbox, and it’s one of the reasons why Minecraft is full of creative individuals.

However, some projects do get swept to the side or stay under the radar for many. There are numerous amounts of hidden gems waiting to be unearthed, and we have one to showcase today: a datapack involving the infamous endermen.

It’s called the Enderman Heads data pack and was first uploaded on r/MinecraftInventions on May 28 by u/Phanson96. The main premise of it is that the enderman heads function differently from vanilla. Whereas in vanilla they’re mostly used as hunting trophies, this data pack links them to redstone mechanics in an intuitive way.

Here’s how it works: The closer you are to the head’s line of sight, the more power is inputted to the redstone — and redstone-related blocks — linked to it. Using this, there’s no doubt that it would make an interesting puzzle mechanic for content creators who are wanting to find a more complex alternative to a tripwire hook.

The creator added a few extra features that just make sense. These are taken directly from the description:

  • 2 Enderman head blocks that activate redstone and emit particles when looked at by any players.
  • They also emit particles when worn by a player or armor stand that is looked at by another player.
  • Looking at a head while wearing a pumpkin does not activate these effects.
  • The redstone power level depends on the distance of the player to the head.
  • Red-eyed enderman heads can be activated through walls.
  • The standard purple-eyed heads will drop with a 2.5% chance when endermen are killed by the player.

The developer has a post that explains the needed commands and how to run it, and the download link can be found below for your enjoyment. Feedback on the project is appreciated on the creator’s part as well!

Overall, Phanson did a terrific job on the project and we can’t wait to see more of their future plans. Creativity is the only limit regarding Minecraft and what can be done inside its sandbox, so works — such as Phanson’s — deserve more attention for their dedication to the craft.

Download the Data Pack