Leaking and posting of other people’s content has been a struggle for the Minecraft community since the start. While this may seem sad, the StopModRepost team has taken a stand against it, and we want to get right there with them in the trenches.

What is StopModRepost?

The StopModReposts is a movement against leaking, illegal redistribution of Minecraft content, with a focus on the modded community. The movement consists of a website, Discord server, Twitter account, a list of illegal mod mirrors, and several browser plugins. There is also a Twitter campaign and a website tracker where you can submit new sites to their list.

They currently target reposts of mods, resource packs, maps, and mod packs. In addition, they target websites providing malicious Minecraft content.

Why are they fighting the leaking community?

The malicious download sites provide outdated versions of mods, misleading information about which Minecraft versions are compatible with the mods, inclusion of malware, create revenue of works that aren’t theirs, and steal downloads from deserving authors.

Here’s one way that this can become a problem: When users find a bug in a mod, they then go to the author to report it. The problem with that is, the bug was fixed 2 months ago!  This can get very annoying for both the author and the user. The websites are marking the mods as working with wrong Minecraft versions. Malicious sites do this to get more downloads. The user will then go to the real mod author and complain about compatibility problems, creating headaches for everyone.

Mods from those sites might also be packaged with malware, and shouldn’t be trusted. These sites are placing other people’s mods and content behind AdFly links, other ads, and are directly earning money from other people’s work. When many people download from those rather the official sites, the author loses revenue.

Modders don’t earn much from their mods, but the small amounts of money can be a big motivation boost to them. One of the most encouraging things about making mods is seeing your mods getting lots of downloads. When users download from those sites instead of the official sites, the author loses many of the downloads from his or her own server, which could discourage them from continuing their good work.

The whole process of leaking mods is a lose-lose situation for both modder and for players, and StopModReposts.org is doing their part to try and end those bad practices and keep the community healthy.

Let’s join them in their efforts.

Visit StopModReposts.org