A new build competition is in town and it’s going to be an eye-catching one!

The Colorful Clash 2019 Build Competition, the solo contest in question, has officially started on 22:00 EDT on May 31st under the observant eyes of Exalted and PixelsAndBlocks — the two teams hosting the event. Participants are encouraged to put their building skills to the test for the grand prize of $120 (which is the first place reward) before the deadline of 22:00 EDT on June 9th, or 2:00 GMT for June 10th.

However, there is a reason why the contest has ‘Colorful Clash’ in its title, and it has to do with the selected theme for the event!

The Details:

“The theme for this competition is colorful clash. Both colorful and clash are separate elements that come together to form one complete theme. The colorful element is a literal element, to meet this element of the theme you must use multiple different coloured blocks consistently throughout the build. Only using different shades of the same colour will not meet this element of the theme. The clash element is where you have creative freedom.

You can have a very literal interpretation of clash or a very abstract interpretation of clash. Simply put, it needs to be visually clear something is clashing within your build. You can find more details about the theme in the Theme Details section. We hope that tying two elements together like this to form a theme will allow us to challenge builders in a more unique way. We wish all of you the best of luck in this competition and we hope you will see it as a fun and unique challenge.

The event is happening on the server Builders Refuge, so there are a few steps to take if you’re planning on attending this:

“To enter this build competition simply join the Builders Refuge Minecraft server and enter the following commands:

Connect to Builders Refuge (IP: mc.buildersrefuge.com)
/colorclash then /plot auto
Complete your build in line with the theme on the claimed 151×151 plot”

The citation comes from the official document, which contains all of the information on getting involved, the judging criteria, terms and conditions, and such.

Time is scarce with this one, so to everyone applying, you better start planning your masterpieces, and good luck!