For a good load of you, graduation is coming up fast, and there’s no going back when you meet one of the first big milestones of your lifetime. It’s the type of moment that gets integrated as the event where you’re allowed personal freedom for the very first time — for better or worse, and a graduate decided to celebrate that with a personal rendition of his university in, you guessed it, Minecraft.

Leifu, the Twitter user that shared this project, will be graduating from his university, the University of Santo Tomas, this year; It’s a private institution in Manila, Philippines, that is known for producing a prevalent line of historical/media figures, and their different branches of educational faculty.

With a plethora of historical significance and architectural progression under its belt, it’s no surprise that the university became the focal point of Leifu’s tweet.

The establishment is beautiful and having it replicated onto Minecraft as a form of personal memorabilia is heart-warming, because many are graduating from the institution and are now taking their first steps into the world — and this is one of the few ways they’re planning to remember it by.

This wasn’t the first time a rendition of UST was created, however, since two others have made the university before in Minecraft on a few occasions. Back in January, a user by the name of Gravity showcased his own version of the place (shown in the tweet above), and another student, Carlo Malabanan revealed on Leifu’s thread that they built the university too back in 2011! Goes to show how aesthetically pleasing the UST can be to its students.

To the ones who are celebrating their new taste of freedom or dipping themselves into adulthood, always keep a record of the past on you. You don’t know when the time will fly and turn the present moments into golden days.