The idea of cryptocurrencies, which give the ability to manage virtual finance with the help of cryptography as security, has been in the mainstream countless times for the potential influence on our lives — going from business, trade, entertainment, personal transactions, and a variety more.

But for gaming, it was always a unique system to think about. Video games use a virtual playing field with countless networks and connections to other players and servers around the globe; it is the perfect situation for a newly developing economy, and Enjin is one of the companies tinkering with the idea.

If you’re new to the scene, Enjin is a company established in Singapore that owns the Enjin Community, a platform for numerous gaming communities. It’s one of the easiest ways to establish an area of information for your community presence, justified by the staggering nineteen million accounts hooked up to the website, supporting numerous servers and guilds with donation features, player counts, and other features.

However, the company didn’t stop there. In 2017, they would raise $18.9 million in an attempt to jumpstart their own form of cryptocurrency. ENJ, Enjin Coin, was born out of their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and is now being used by Enjin for their revealed long-term goal: to create a gaming multiverse platform (more information on this can be found at the link).

In layman’s terms, they want to connect different games to a connected economy; not the use of middlemen or banking processes, but full-on assets being exchanged directly, used on multiple platforms, and broken down to the basic currency so that it could be reused for an infinite amount of times. To top it all off, with Blockchain, the data with the exchanges are highly improbable to third-party tampering unless the data wants to be threatened with deletion by the technology, creating a solid trust of virtual exchange. A simplified explanation of Blockchain can be found here for better understanding of this process.

It’s a high aim for a small company, but it’s very ambitious from the amount of development and cooperation going on from behind the scenes. They had already successfully crowdfunded for a game called The Six Dragons (seen in the tweet above), established the first Blockchain-integrated ARPG (Forgotten Artifacts), and they’re now setting up a whole new project with Minecraft.

EnjinCraft was officially announced by the company on May 18, 2019, with a trailer of what’s to come: use of assets on different games, free-market exchange, and a medieval world for the players to explore in. According to an interview with Witek Radomski, the CTO and co-founder of Enjin, the public server they’re developing will use their Enjin Coin platform — which extends to their Enjin Crypto Wallet app — to keep a record of any assets found in the game.

“There’s going to be some Multiverse items hidden in the world as well, so players can discover some chests and figure out how to unlock them.” -Witek Radomski.

An important thing to note with the interview is that the program used to integrate EJN to Minecraft, Java SDK (Software Development Kit), will be released as an open source plugin for server owners and developers to use for their own Minecraft servers! We don’t know when this will be accessible, however.

Enjincraft still has a closed beta, but the team is confident that they’ll open up to a bigger audience when everything is up to date and working. One of their marketers already has a video showcasing their financial system if you’re wanting to see it in action.

We’re still not sure how successful this will be, but we have no doubt in our minds that this is a great step towards the gaming community overall. Blockchain platforms could give developers and players an easier way to handle direct transactions and virtual economy on an international level, so if Enjin prospers with the system then we’ll probably see more from them in the not-so-distant future.

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