The Minecraft Marketplace recently celebrated their second year of operation, and to keep the festive theme for the week, we’ll be listing the current jobs you can apply to if you’re ever wanting to get involved with these creative teams. Keep in mind that some of these positions are quick to be filled from their many applications, so if you’re wanting a shot at one of these teams, it’s best to go for it now rather than hesitate.

For any information about the requirements, responsibilities, and summaries of each occupation, click the job titles and groups for more.

If anyone is looking for job opportunities that opened up recently, positions are currently available for the team PixelsAndBlocks. They’re looking for a Skin Designer, Texture Artist, and Game Designer as of today, with Luke, the founder of PixelsAndBlocks, promising that two more professions will be listed later.

BDcraft, known for their texture packs such as PureBDcraft, has available positions for the following jobs: Video Maker, Textures Artist, and Web Designer. However, if you’re planning to apply, it’s best to note that they’ll only allow applicants who are 18+ in age.

From their ‘jobs’ page:

“At BDcraft, we have various skills, including Art, Programming, and Web design.
We are looking into 3 key things for any applicant:

Have clear skills for one specific area
Be able to show examples of your work
Be self-motivated
We are a very small team with ton of work ahead for millions of players and fans. As such, we would be very grateful to get applications with only the 3 best things you did (plus a link to your portfolio if you have one).”

YouTuber Tyler Pappas, a.k.a. Logdotzip, is also looking to hire a map maker to help with his Bedrock adventures, bonus points if you have texture/modeling experience.

And lastly, we have four Marketplace teams — Noxcrew, Spark Squared, AuraeDesign, and Pathway Studios — which have application pages for anyone wanting to check them out.

If you believe you have what it takes to fill in the shoes of this line of work, then go for it! Opportunities like this can go by quickly in an instant and you don’t know what will happen unless you give it a shot. Best of luck, and if you do end up making the cut, let us know so we can celebrate with you!