Building can be one of the most rewarding activities done in a sandbox game. The ability to experiment with color schemes, architecture, and the full capacity of artistic creation is an amazing gift for human beings. The allowance of pushing the boundaries of what can be done are found throughout these creative mediums, and it’s why people who take advantage of these mediums are sought after in different industries.

There is a limit to all of this. It takes time and diligence for people to master a craft of their choosing, and it goes the same for building houses, utopias, or lairs stuffed in the inner workings of a terraformed volcano. People need experience and the ability to make mistakes. You can’t create a final product without a load of failures and successes backing up your journey to the endgame.

It’s why plenty of successful artists, such as Jazza, advocate for references since as long as you learn from your environment you will become more comfortable with your own choices later on.

And that’s what we’re going to be talking about: the utilization of build references. There’s a great deal of freedom with the destruction and placement of blocks in the game, so we wanted to give you a few resources that encourage you to build out of your comfort zone.

Visuals are one of the most potent building resources out there, other than practical experience, and PixelandPoly, an experienced builder, compiled a great guide of different styles of buildings that you’ve probably never done before.

It’s a guidebook that covers angled walls, fence gates, roof profiles, and a great deal more. The purpose of this was for testing out and showing different ways one can create a structure in the game, and since they decided to make these public it’s displayed right before you if you need a quick referral.

If that’s not enough, then we have a few more links to cover.

Plotz Modeller is an HTML5 Modeller that can be used to create different generated structures — ellipses, spheres, and other formations of your choosing. It is limited on some aspects since you can’t produce intricate designs in one take, but if you’re the type of person that needs accuracy in block composition then this one’s for you.

And for the ones who need tutorials, here’s a list of YouTubers who do an amazing job in assisting their audience:


Even though he’s known for his massive compilations of grandeur builds and terraforming, he does have a playlist of in-game tutorials, which are mostly fantasy and medieval themed. He also has a video that covers a few tips on terraforming with WorldEdit if you’re into that as well.

Welsknight Gaming

Welsknight has two great playlists in particular that give you help with the basics of building and suggestions that you can do for fifteen minutes or less. He knows when to hold your hand and when to give you the freedom to do it on your own.


His series of Minecraft building tutorials does harbor a lot of in-game guides on making different structures such as cabinets and taverns. His videos are well-edited too, so feel free to sit back and build along with him.


fWhip has a menagerie of guides for you to choose from, mostly ‘Let’s Builds’ that allow you to follow along, but if you’re interested with landscaping areas without the use of mods or editing, then his terraforming series is for you.


Rizzial handles a lot of modern buildings and formations, so if you want to know the basics then here’s a link to most of them.

We hope all of these resources can help you out on your journey to advance your skills, but remember that experience is the crucial factor to development, so take the chance and experiment with what you have.