Hey! Haven’t you heard? There’s a new building competition in town, and Java ain’t the main focus this time. That’s right, there’s a competition going on right now for Bedrock builders or building teams wanting to go head-to-head on their skills in the creative sandbox.

Build Leagues, is a contest by the Bedrock build team, Blockmatic Studios, who are looking for thirty contestants for their qualification round.

“The Build League is a competition where talented builders of the Minecraft Bedrock Engine compete against each other. The participating teams of 2 players each have 5 weeks (120 hours) to build the best possible creation to outperform their competitors. Before the actual competition starts, the qualifications will take place in the summer of 2019.”

Now how will this contest function?

Like what the website stated, the qualifications are the filter before being involved with the main competition: you’re allowed to build to your heart’s content in a 50×50 radius under a five day period, and if you reach a minimum score then you’re allowed on Season One.

Season One will then be divided into seven matches (or possibly more) of building prowess, each session handing you a theme to implement into your build, each low-scoring team getting kicked out by the jury until the victor is the last one standing. The criteria for judgment can be simplified into three factors: creativity, block selection, landscaping, and atmosphere/overall impression — so keep this in mind.

The Season One prize is 100 € ($112.13 USD) — which will probably change depending on the amount of participants involved — and the payout will be given by Paypal.

The requirements for participating in this can be found on their website alongside their registration form. As of the day that I’m writing this, 14 of their qualification positions have been filled, so if you’re looking into getting involved with this project, then sign up while you can!

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