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    Hello there, I’m MR_TJN and I recently made some airships. You guys really seemed to enjoy it and requested a world download, so here it is. Ready for you guys to take inspiration from it and make even more beautiful things with your creativity


    This map is a map where you will find 4 airship designs for now and 4 variations on them. While this doesn’t sound like much, you got to keep in mind that this is still very much a WIP and I will be updating this map and adding more ships to it. For now there are 4 different ships;

    1. A small hot air balloon
    2. A bigger round airballoon
    3. A big trading ship
    4. My interpertation of the firenation’s airship from Avatar the last airbender


    When you download this map keep in mind that this build is in 1.13, this is an WIP, more content will be added over time, you have permission to rebuild the ships with the proper creadit, don’t claim any of the builds as your own.


    Download link for 1.13.2;



    Have fun with this map and let your minds go crazy with creativity o/


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