Better Climbing: Could I please actually hold on to the ladder?

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    Better Climbing


    Could I please actually hold on to the ladder?<u></u>

    The Problem

    So, a couple of you may have heard of a little game called The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. One of the major features of this game was its climbing. You could climb on nearly any surface, and the best part was, it actually worked. No, seriously, I never had a problem with the controls. Up meant go up, down meant go down, and left and right meant go in that direction relative to your character.

    Now, where I’m going with this is that Minecraft’s climbing controls are, well, not as good as they could be. You push up against a surface with a ladder or a vine and you ascend. Let go of everything and you descend. Hold sneak and that stops your vertical movement. While simple, this feels a little floaty and slows down descents in small spaces, and has often led to people falling off their ladders. It works, but it could be better.

    The Solution

    So, I’m going to be suggesting a new mode of ladder climbing, but I’m not suggesting also removing the current methods of climbing to avoid mass confusion when people find that their ladders no longer work (such as when autojump was implemented and enabled by default). This will allow for better backwards compatibility.

    When you aren’t already climbing, and you click on a ladder or a vine and are close enough (say, up to two blocks away), you will grab onto the ladder, putting yourself into the same space as it. You will now be in “climbing mode,” which prevents you from descending automatically. To ascend the ladder, you can use the forward key (default W), and to descend, use the backwards key (default S). You can not ascend on vines without a wall behind them. If there are ladders adjacent to the one you are climbing, use the appropriate strafing key (default A or D) to move between them. To let go of the ladder, press the jump key (default spacebar). If you let go this way, ladders will not effect your rate of descent until you leave a space with a ladder/vine in it.

    If you are hit by something that would apply knockback, you will be knocked off the ladder and will not be able to engage climbing mode for 0.5 seconds.

    In the end, while Minecraft’s works fine as is, there is always room for improvement, and I believe changes like this would be good quality of life improvements. It may not be a very complicated change, but not all suggestions have to be two-page reports, right?

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