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    I present to you: Enhancements! Taking the chance away from enchanting.

    What are enhancements?
    Enhancements are a new way of upgrading your tool, replacing enchanting. Whereas with enchanting you rely on chance (and lapis and XP) to get what you want, enhancing takes gems and nothing else.

    How do they work?
    To enhance your tool, you need an Enhancement Table (attachment 1). This is crafted just like an enchanting table, but with 3 paper repclacing the book (attatchment 2). When opened, the table opens up a GUI with a single slot. Place your tool in the slot and more slots open up for gems to be placed in (attatchement 3).

    What enhancements are there?
    There are 19 enhancements in total, 5 of which can only be obtained through trading or chest loot.
    14 of those drop from Gem Ore (including diamond) (attachment 4). Gem ore spawns below layer 16, is twice as common as diamond, spawns in veins of 6-8, must be mined with an iron or diamond pickaxe, and drops a single random gem. All gems can be found in chest loot and can be bought from priest villagers for 12-17 emeralds each.
    In this table, T = effects on tools (pickaxe/axe/shovel/shears), W = effects on weapons (sword/axe/trident), R = effects on ranged weapons (bow/crossbow/trident), A – effects on armour and shields.
    Diamond – Unbreaking – Last longer – max 5 – replaces Unbreaking
    Ruby – Haste – T Mine faster, W Swing faster, R Fire faster – max 5 – replaces Efficiency, Quick Charge
    Carnelian – Firey – WR Inflict fire damage, A Reduce fire damage – max 3 – replaces Fire Aspect, Flame, Fire Protection
    Topaz – Tough – WR Pierce armor, A Reduce damage – max 5 – replaces Protection
    Jade – Lure – T Pull in items, WR Pull in mobs, A Increase mob spawn, Fishing rods Pull in fish faster – max 3 – replaces Lure
    Orthoclase – Pierce – W Attack more enemies by swinigng, R Pierce through enemies – max 4 – replaces Piercing, Sweeping Edge
    Turquoise – Aqua Affinity – T Mine faster underwater, W Swing faster underwater, R Fire faster underwater, A Swim faster, Helmets Breathe underwater – max 3 – replaces Aqua Affinity, Respiration, Depth Strider
    Sapphire – Sharp – WR Deal more damage, T Damage attackers – max 5 – replaces Sharpness, Punch
    Amethyst – Luck – TWR Get more drops, A Increase chance of enemy missing – max 5 – replaces Looting, Fortune, Luck of the Sea
    Morganite – Vitality – WR Heal by attacking, A Increase regen rate, Hoes Increase growth rate of crops – max 3
    Rose Quartz – Range – TW Reach further, R Fire further – max 4
    Onyx – Decay – WR Deal wither damage, A Reduce wither damage – max 3
    Moonstone – Knockback – WR Deal knockback, A Reduce knockback, Boots Reduce fall damage  – max 3 – replaces Knockback, Punch, Feather Falling
    Zircon – Light – WR Deal more damage against undead, A Clean harmful effects – max 3 – replaces Smite
    There are also 5 treasure gems that cannot be mined.
    Ancient Silk – Silky – T Get the exact block, W Get mob heads – 1 level – replaces Silk Touch – found in dungeons, bought from villagers
    Crystal Moss – Mending – Repair itself slowly – 1 level – replaces Mending – found in dungeons, bought from villagers
    Charged Amber – Channel – R Projectiles create lightning when they land – 1 level – replaces Channeling – found in buried treasure
    Second Shot – Multishot – R Shoot one more arrow (consumes one more arrow) – max 2 – replaces Multishot – bought from villagers
    Strange Contraption – Infinity – R Instead of shooting aryrows, shoots light – replaces Infinity, Loyalty – bought from villagers
    How many enhancements can you put on a single tool?
    Good question. Every different tier of tool has a different amount of sockets for gems.
    Wood/stone tools, leather/chain armour, bows, fishing rods, shears – 3 sockets
    Iron/diamond tools/armour, crossbows, tridents, shields – 4 sockets
    Anything golden – 5 sockets
    Yes, golden tools now have a purpose – superior enchantability.

    What will happen to my god diamond _?
    Don’t worry, because your super-OP enchanted gear will become super-OP enhanced gear.
    For example, a Fortune III Unbreaking III Efficiency V diamond pickaxe will become a Luck III Unbreaking III Haste V diamond pickaxe. You will only lose enchantments if you are over the limit (i.e. a Power V Punch V Unbreking III Infinity I Flame I bow), in which case the game removes your least-needed enchantments (ie. Infinity and Flame).
    Some enchantments (Bane of Arthropods, Blast Protection, Impaling, Projectile Protection) have been removed as I don’t see a need for them.

    PS. I literally spent 12 minutes deleting those pesky code tags.

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      I don’t think we should do away with the randomness entirely. And adding that many gems would definitely clutter the inventory.

      I think we should allocate enchantments to existing items (such as unbreaking to obsidian) and put that in a new slot in the table, and that would give a 50% chance of getting that enchantment. You could even integrate treasure enchantments into it by replacing them with reagents that give 100% chance of that enchantment.

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        You see, Minecraft is a game about mining, crafting, building, exploring, and player choice. The one thing about enchantments that I don’t like is the randomness. You can never know what you’re going to get. (And no, being able to have a peek is STILL random, you just get a peek.)

        As for your actual suggestion, while it sounds nice, remember that they all have to be balanced. For example, using diamonds for sharpness would be too expensive, but using flint would be too cheap. Having gems that are all unlocked at the same time would be more reasonable. (Though now I’ve said it, morganite, onyx and zircon (especially onyx) should probably drop from a seperate ore – Nether Gem Ore?) And for the issue of having one ore drop 14 different gems, just use Silky and mine them back at home. (Ancient Silk can be found in dungeons or bought from villagers.)

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        I chose blaze powder, diamonds, glowstone dust, gold ingots, gunpowder, iron ingot, obsidian, prismarine shard and crystals, and redstone for my reagents.

        I think having them as gems would be better if you wanted to get rid of the randomness altogether, but I don’t see Mojang doing that.

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